01. She has worked in the [retail] industry, both in sales and in management, for over 25 years.
02. The [retail] price is usually double the wholesale price.
03. Some [retailers] are concerned that making all bottles and cans refundable will make extra work for their staff, who will need to collect and sort the containers.
04. Most [retail] stores count on Christmas for the vast majority of their yearly sales.
05. This stereo system normally [retails] for over $1,300, but it can be yours today for a mere $999.99.
06. Why pay more at a [retail] outlet when you can buy direct from the wholesaler, at Ken's Megastore?
07. I have worked in [retail] as a salesman for the last 20 years, and feel that I am ready to open my own store now.
08. These shoes normally [retail] at about $160, but are on sale now for only $99.
09. The company generally opens about 10 new [retail] outlets a year.
10. Lower than expected [retail] sales show that the boycott has had a definite effect.
11. Almost 100 billion pounds of food are thrown away every year by [retailers], restaurants, and farmers in the U.S., while twenty-five million Americans are hungry.
12. The Wal-Mart department store chain is probably the most profitable [retail] business in the world.
13. The Del Amo Fashion Center in California is the largest [retail] center in the world.
14. An increase in [retail], transport, and manufacturing jobs is a sign that the economy is recovering.
15. The East Indian population of Fiji is very active in the [retail] sector because for many years, they were not allowed to own land in that country.
16. Only 11% of the [retail] price of coffee beans actually goes to the coffee farmer.
17. James Gulliver once stated that [retail] is detail.
18. John F. Kennedy once noted that the farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at [retail], sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.

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